Gift Good News Annual Report

Gift Good News LLC, was established in 2020. Benefit For Good Company helped us through the process of evaluating our company and understanding how a commitment to the Triple Bottom Line aligned with our own values.  We were certified in 2020 and we also registered our status with the Oregon Secretary of State.

Our Manifesto

We believe our culture needs a better way to honor, respect, and treat people based on God’s principles of Truth, Love, and Forgiveness. We believe this will create unity and common ground among individuals. We believe trust builds positive relationships where differences exist. We believe this strong foundation combined with forgiveness and forbearance will promote giving and create a kinder world where social entrepreneurs thrive.

“Gift Good News”
May we serve others as a business built on integrity and transparency. It is our promise… from our hearts.

Gift Good News as a platform that provides resources to empower people to understand the truth and relationally share the gift of The Gospel of Grace found in Jesus Christ revealed by The Apostle Paul Through entertainment, gifts, and educate people in social medias.

Commitment to People, Planet, and Profit.


During the Pandemic lock down people was looking through the window of their phone, tablet and computer for hope and Gift Good News provided emotional supports.

Donation of time, money, and services in kind

We have sponsored small group for Walk to end Alzheimer’s events among family and friends.

Planet: Sustainability Efforts

We believe that our planet is a Gift of God it is given to us clean and healthy, it is our responsibility to maintain that beauty of nature. We try to minimize waste and maximize sustainable practices whenever and wherever possible.

  1. Trash and Recycling

In our office we separate recyclable from non-recyclable trash.

  1. 90% Paperless and our product packaged with recyclable materials.

Profit: As a new starter we are still continued building our business.