"It’s the Message, not the Material.”

Relationship Jewelry Collection


Bad News:

Relationships can be very messy when there is no trust.


Relationships don’t have to be messy when this is understood. It starts with trust—trusting loved ones, trusting God, and understanding this truth together.
The “I-TRUST”™ Relationship Jewelry specialty gifts have special meaning. Ask most relationship experts and they’ll tell you “communication” is the key in relationships, especially in marital relationships. But the truth is relationships are built on trust. Communication is an important part of building trust, but if there is no trust, there is no motivation to communicate. And when there is not trust—there is no relationship. This is why TRUST IS THE KEY. It takes years to build trust, unless there is a life history of trustworthiness. This gift is a great way to pledge your trust in/with your significant other. This gift sets the tone for trust and is why it’s so meaningful. Fortunately, it’s different with God since He accepts us where we are in life, when our trust is placed in Christ.

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