Gift Good News is a platform that provides resources to empower people to understand the truth and relationally share the gift of The Gospel of Grace found in Jesus Christ revealed by The Apostle Paul.


Why be Involved
As a child, do you remember seeing or learning about how a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly? Were you in wonder and awe at how that could happen; how one form can take on a completely different form?

Now imagine that those important people in your life who haven’t received God’s redemption are like those caterpillars. Wouldn’t it be an amazing experience to see those family members and friends transformed by Jesus Christ? No earthly experience can compare!


Together We Make a Difference
When trust and understanding are not possible, Gift Good News has a way to encourage and inspire.

Gift Good News gift’s a percentage of all sales profits from the gift shop and future movie projects to support Alzheimer victims and their families through Alzheimer foundations. So when you purchase a gift, you can know that you are contributing to a good cause.

How It All Started

Ideas for Gift Good News and the FORGIVEMAS™ Movie were born on a December day just before Christmas.

It all started with a wooden plaque hanging in a gift shop in Shipshewana, IN that read: “[Love] bears all . . .(NKJV).” It was as if these were the only words engraved on the plaque from “The Love Chapter” found in I Corinthians 13. After these words marinated for many years, our founder, could not stop thinking about the words on plaque. So he began writing down some ideas. Shortly after the ideas were on paper, he began sharing his ideas with others. There were many people, who vetted and affirmed his ideas, including a Hollywood producer, who intended to bring his vision to life. Although while our founder was in the process of writing the movie script: FORGIVEMAS™ the filmmaker fell victim to Alzheimer’s. So progress was halted.
Gift Good News
A few years later, our founder married an Ethiopian woman, who he shared the title of Aunt and Uncle with nephews his brother adopted. The two newlyweds formed Gift Good News, as a Social Enterprise. They found that they shared a similar vision for making a difference in the world, so things were on the move again. While the two knew they had to first build a solid foundation, as in building a house, and they knew the foundation had to be built on TRUTH and TRUST. They believe truth builds positive relationships, especially, where cultural differences exist. They’re foundation needed to be built on the truth from the Bible. They believe this can and will create unity and common ground for trust among any couple or individuals seeking unity, as it has for them.

Today, the founder and his wife, gained much more understanding of Scripture. So in addition to this website, they think #DrunkOnReligion #SoberedUp video storytelling can be an effective way to communicate and connect. We believe all individuals and all couples can be inspired and learn by the stories and teaching videos shared on this website. So please take the time to get to know us by watching, reading, listening, and responding to the contents here. We desire a relationship with you, so please see this site as your own by participating.

Loving God. Loving People.

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