The purpose of the FORGIVEMAS™ Movie is to start a conversation about God’s forgiveness toward man and man’s forbearance among family and friends in society.

Story Synopsis:

Christopher and his wife, Christy, are the owners of their family’s third-generation toy factory. After the death of their older daughter, Maggie, three years earlier and the recent miscarriage of their son, Baby Scott, Christopher and Christy withdraw from one another to grieve in their own way. As the toy factory’s stocks and sales continue to decline, the factory’s greedy General Manager decides to save the company money by enlisting the free-labor of 12 orphans eager to find their forever home. But when an accident threatens Christopher’s memory, will Christy move on without him, or stay to repair the home and life they once enjoyed together? A Christmas story of heartbreak and loss, temptation, forgiveness, and finding your way back home.

Together we make a difference


When trust and understanding are not possible due to the illness of Alzheimer’s or dementia, Gift Good News has a way to encourage and inspire. The FORGIVEMAS™ Movie and future projects will gift a percentage of the proceeds to support Alzheimer's victims and their families through Alzheimer's foundations. So when you donate or purchase a gift, know that you are contributing to a good cause. Many are familiar with the NOTEBOOK MOVIE love story where the main characters navigated through the emotional pain and suffering of Alzheimer’s? For many, this is a devastating reality since Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.

Five million Americans of all ages live with Alzheimer’s. More than 16 million Americans provide unpaid care for people with Alzheimer’s or other dementia. Source: Alzheimer’s Association 2020 Together, we can enrich the lives of others by providing better care, inspiration, empowerment, and Protection to Alzheimer's Victims and their Caregiving Family and their communities that need our help the most. ​